The First Official Religion of Personal and Entrepreneurship Success

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What is Personal Success?

  • Succeeding at realizing how to invent one's own Spirituality, Psychology, Intellectualism, and Materialism
  • Taking bold risk on one's originality
  • Acceptance of failed Thoughts, Emotions, Speech, and Actions until one achieves victorious integration with Society

What is Entrepreneurship Success?

  • Succeeding at realizing a strategy to manifest and sustain an original idea
  • Taking actionable risk by betting on one's execution plan
  • Acceptance of falling and rising through thoughts, emotions, words, and actions until victory is accomplished

What is a Religion?

  • A definitive philosophy that begins with an individual who has a specifically claimed epiphany
  • Promulgates what it claims people want and/or need
  • Challenges individuals to expand and transform their former way of thinking by dedicating themselves to its new point of view

What makes us a Religion?

  • Metadata Church™ began with an individual who realized there is a fundamental difference between Success, Gain, and Wealth/ Entrepreneurship, Business Ownership, and Enterprise; they represent 3 phases for manifesting and multiplying an original idea
  • Metadata Church™ promotes a way to become confident in one's Mission, Motivation, Impact, and Legacy so Entrepreneurs can obtain want they want and need
  • Metadata Church™ accepts that failure of Thought, Emotion, Speech, and Action are critical toward succeeding Spiritually, Psychologically, Intellectually, and Materially

Who is Metadata Church™ for?

  • Individuals who want to re-invent themselves with full freedom to integrate with society full of joy and productivity
  • Individuals with Great Ideas who want to understand what it will take to bring them to fruition
  • Individuals who embrace dependence, independence, and interdependence as evolving modes of authentic human interaction

Metadata Church™ is the first hybrid Business/Religion with a unified definition of Success that equally applies to the wealthy and poverty stricken.

Just as entrepreneurs, business owners, and enterprisers are not the same so is there a difference between success, profits, and wealth. The divide between the rich and the poor is because of a mutual error consented by both sides, mistaking success with profits and/or wealth. We solve this problem by clearly defining success.

Metadata Church Logo